Holidays in Viveiro (Lugo, Spain): the Covas beach, in the heart of the Mariña Lucense area

One of the best spots in the Lugo area, which is closer to our apartments in Viveiro, is the Covas beach, where you will be able to enjoy a 1500 metres long beach, surrounded by nature.


The Covas beach is perfect for some family holidays because of its still waters and because it is guarded. Also, you will be able to visit the huge rocks near the Covas beach, called Os Castelos.

Souto Da Retorta: a protected Natural Park at just 6 km from Viveiro (Spain)

In Lugo, there are some places where time seems to have stopped. At just 6 km from Viveiro and in the middle of the Mariña Lucense area, you will find the Souto Da Retorta Natural Park: a dream place for those who wish to visit some different places during their tourism holidays.

Souto Da Retorta is a very special protected Natural Park, unique because of the old age of its trees. In this Natural Park of the Lugo area, you will find eucalyptus trees that are more than 80 metres high and that have a perimeter of more than 10 metres.

If you are passionate about woods and nature, this is an impressive and must visit spot.

Did you know…? That the largest tree in Spain is located in this eucalyptus wood, in Souto Da Retorta Natural Park? It is named “O Avó” (the grandad), and this tree is about 130 years old, it measures around 68 metres high and it has a perimeter of 10,5 metres.

Tourist visit to Viveiro, a historic village in the Mariña Lucense area (Lugo)

Apart from its nearby beach and the Natural Park, Viveiro is worth visiting in a one day family tourism trip, to discover its monuments. From its prehistoric monuments (megalithic monuments and a necropolis) until the remains of its foundation as a Roman town.4


In Viveiro, we recommend you to visit Puente Mayor (the main bridge), Puerta de Carlos V (Carlos V Gate), Casa de los leones (House of lions), Iglesia de Santa María (Saint Mary’s Church) and other touristic monuments.